Audio Books and Music
Audio books are written books that you can listen to. Due to technological advancements audio books are growing increasingly popular. Vivienne is actively involved in creating and developing a range of new subjects, so she can reach wider audiences.
Vivienne began performing in theatrical productions at the age of 4,winning many awards and accolades.She earned a minor in 'Speech and Drama' at The University Of Johannesburg.She played leading roles in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, Peter Pan and the Greek tragedy, Medusa. Vivienne has produced and directed plays with children and has taught Speech and Drama extensively.
Vivienne has also applied her dramatic talents,doing voice overs for audio books,film and tv productions.She produces her own audio books on Metaphysics,Astrology,Tarot,as well as children's books.These Audio Books will be available for sale through this website soon.
Vivienne's CD Bella V,composed by Vivienne, was voted no.2 on the World Music Internet Charts and is a combination of flute music,guitar,key boards and a wide range of percussion including tablas by Daniel Paul and bass by Deon Estes,who are two of Hawaii's finest musicians.
Vivienne plays many different styles of music including Meditation Music,Brazilian,African, Latin,Jazz Fusion, Classics and original music.Vivienne's music is for sale through this website. She is available for events as a soloist, in a duo,trio,quartet or quintet.

Audio Books and Music
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