Dance Healing

Through guided meditation, music, rhythmic movement and dance, we will journey through the Chakras to balance and clear out your energy blockages. Chakras are points or vortexes on the body. Each chakra has a color of the rainbow, containing special characteristics, that once opened and balanced lead to a improved sense of self-worth, self-esteem, unconditional love, expanded vision, bliss and deep inner peace.

In the Native American Tradition there is a tale called 'Warriors of the Rainbow' that tells of people of all colors unifying to achieve world peace. This parallels the alignment of our inner Chakras.

Chakras,like feelings and ideas, have a strong effect upon the body. Chakra patterns are programmed deep in the mind and body and have an intrinsic relationship to the way we function.

This workshop is for everyone. Trained dancers will benefit as well. While dancing is encouraged,it is however optional.

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