Rebirthing is the art of learning circular breathing. It is a valuable tool for self-healing and self-harmonization, merging the inhale with the exhale in a gentle, intuitive,relaxed rythym. It floods the body with a special energy called Kundalini. Kundalini is a purifying spiritual energy within our bodies, that feels like a stream of electricity running through the spine, leading to deep relaxation, improved health, happiness and peace of mind.

Vivienne combines Rebirthing with intuitive guidance as we journey through the Chakras. Chakras are points or vortexes on the body. Each Chakra is represented by a color in the rainbow, containing special characteristics, that once opened and balanced lead to a wonderful sense of self-worth, self-esteem, unconditional love, expanded vision, bliss and deep inner peace.

Vivienne assists you to clear out blocks and traumas stored in the body's cellular memory. This innovative breathing technique allows your vital energy to flow freely. She helps you gain greater insight and awareness about how your past experiences affect your sense of self-worth, self-esteem, will power and ability to love. Rebirthing leads you to communicate authentically, access your intuition and helps you to function optimally in the world.

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