In these retreats, Vivienne combines body orientated practices, including Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, Reflexology, water exercises,rhythmic movement & dance with tools for activating our intuitive side,our inner guidance and muse where creativity,joy and inspiration flourish. Vivienne will assist you in learning how to draw upon the healing and magnetising power of your deepest passions,dreams,self love,self harmonisation, self empowerment and renewal.
Through Vivienne's Soul Readings,Rebirthings,Journey Through The Chakras, live music,communication games and sunset nature walks, combined with your own journaling,you will become aware of and release old patterns and programs that get in the way of who you already are in your inner depths, your essence. Through this retreat you will begin to see transitions and difficulties in your life as opportunities for reinventing yourself, experiencing inner peace and harmomy within and with others.
All activities are optional and are tailored to the needs of the individual and group.
Vivienne is also available for private retreats that can be arranged on dates of your choice that work for you for individuals,couples and or families. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Write me!

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