In Sanskrit, Yoga means union of mind, body and soul. The purpose of practicing yoga exercises is to calm the mind, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and slow down the aging process. A flexible spine creates a flexible mind, strengthens the heart and fosters harmonious relationships. Yoga stimulates the thyroid gland, responsible for balancing weight and energy levels. It assists you in accessing deeper wisdom, tranquility and bliss, that lives within us. Yoga prepares your body for deeper breathing techniques and meditation, allowing you to have more focus, concentration and will power.
Vivienne’s Therapeutic Yoga blends restorative and gentle yoga. Through guided meditations and breath work combined with live healing, flute music , Vivienne leads you to self-harmonization and atunement. Therapeutic Yoga is ideal for those living with injuries, pain and illness, as well as for those who want to bring their bodies into balance, reduce stress, lose or gain weight and experience self renewal.
Yoga, a holistic discipline, claims that there is a connection between the mind,body and spirit. It has been proven that pain is related to emotions, a certain lifestyle or dysfunctional patterns. Yoga, combined with Transformational Psychology can help you avoid unnecessary medication, suffering and surgery.
Most people spend their entire life imprisoned within the confines of their own thoughts…There is a dimension of consciousness far deeper than thought. It is the very essence of who you are …True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems live and will transform and change our world’
Eckhart Tolle


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